Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Intensive Plan

So what's with my intensive plan? What is it about and how does it got to do with that hot guy? Alexandra, Nicole and I have pledged ourselves to try to lose 10 kgs in a month or 15 kgs in two months. How are we going to do it? Probably with a proper diet with lots of cardio workouts and and sufficient resistance or weight training. How I wish I can have a hair like his, a face like his, shoulders like his, triceps and biceps like his, a chest like his, abdominals like his and oblique muscles like his! I've got to say that he's one hot guy! Haha. Perhaps I can try to get a hair like his. The rest is pretty difficult to achieve especially the fact that I'll never get a face like his. Lol. Back to our plans, I really hope it'll work out but it will definitely be very tough because it's not easy to diet. You can't eat oily stuff, you must take less carbohydrates, you must this and you must that. I've got to be really really disciplined! Cardio workouts and weight training's not going to be easy too. I must keep within myself high levels of motivation and determination. I guess you've got to pay the price if you want to be one hot guy eh? But I think I'm going abit realistic. That is why, I'm having an extra target!

I guess making him, Alex Fong Lik Sun as a target's much more realistic. Especially the fact that he's an Asian. He's got a pretty nice body as well. Just nicely built but not bulky. Look at that sweet smile of his which makes it perfect! If only I can smile like that? I realised I can't smile! Perhaps I must go for more swimming sessions? He's after all a swimmer before he became a singer. I guess I'm ready to go. To go on a balanced and proper diet, to lose weight and to tone up my body! Put me in your prayers for that and again, do remember to put me in your prayers so I can do a fairly good job for General Paper and I can finish studying Economics and Law in time!


So, I've signed up with PayPerPost. Yes, I've signed up but I'm still very new and learning and exploring it at the same time. But what's PayPerPost? To cut it short, PayPerPost's simply a service that connect bloggers with advertisers that want bloggers to write opinion posts about them. There's like so many opportunities of writing paid opinion posts in PayPerPost! Can you just imagine how good can it be to write posts and get paid for doing that? That's like money falling from the skies! I love everything that earns me money and I absolutely love PayPerPost because of that! Let me see if I can recall how I came to know about PayPerPost. I think it's probably through blog hopping, something I do alot. I realised that quite a number of bloggers write paid posts and they did it with PayPerPost. So that's how I get to know about PayPerPost I guess? Judging from the way it goes, I still have alot to learn about blogging and earning money from writing paid posts. I understand that I have to crawl before I can learn how to walk but I can't stop myself to think of the how to spend the money that I can earn from blogging and writing paid posts! I seriously think there's nothing lame to purchase Sammi Cheng's CDs, VCDs, DVDs and so on. I'm so going to get her albums, concerts, movies and so on with the money that I can earn. Apart from that I'll probably get to purchase things online too. All with the money earned through blogging! If you're a blogger and you want to earn extra money from blogging, sign up with payperpost now!

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Sammi Cheng Show Mi 2007 Concert Live Karaoke (2DVD)

I finally got my copy of the DVD yesterday and the front cover looks exactly like that. I was so desperate for the DVD that I went to Hong Kong Video in Prangin Mall to order it after failing to get it from Artist Gallery and Tower Records in Gurney plaza. They told me they will take around 7 days of if they're quick, I'll be able to get my copy in around 4 days. I couldn't believe that they're so efficient when they called me up on the 4th day to tell me that my copy of the DVD has arrived! I was so happy and excited at that very moment and I quickly rushed to Prangin Mall soon after. I bought the DVD for RM150 and I bought the CD as well for RM69 since I haven't got a copy of it yet. I've spent Rm219 in total just like that. I told myself that it's worth it, like how Mi told herself in her concert in a letter she wrote to herself that all her hardwork is worth it when the concert is very much a great success and fans were screaming and yelling and cheering all the way for her! It takes a fan of her like me to understand how I feel. How we are willing to spend so much money in purchasing her CDs, DVDs and so on. Words can't describe how I felt when I touched and finally know that I have a copy of the DVD and of course the CD. I simply love the packaging of the DVD! I was very much more excited when I first played it in my DVD player last night compared to the moment when I purchased it. While I'm blogging happily at this very moment, I'm listening to the CD as well! In an overall, the concert is great. I think I like the opening where Mi sang "Only You Cannot Be Replaced", the part where Mi sang "Exchange Intimacy" and the part where Mi sang "If Something Happens To You". I was so touched towards the end that I actually stood up, sang and waved my hands along in the second encore! I have to say that even though she's not the best singer, the best dancer, the best actress, the best model or even the best spokesperson, she is the most unique one and you can know it by watching the DVD. She is and will be my favourite singer forever!

Monday, October 29, 2007

I just can't seem to study

I've wasted four days since last Thursday if I were to include today. But I did read some economics today though. I just don't understand why I can't seem to study or concentrate after an examination. Mind you, it's the real thing now. My real A Level Examination. Haha. I so have to study hard I tell you! Perhaps you can help to screw the thing into my mind. Yikes. Hopefully I'll really start to do it tomorrow. I have economics and law to tackle now. What I did the last few days was like chilling and shopping. Got myself 2 pairs of jeans and 3 t shirts! I admit I'm a shopaholic and a big spender. So, I guess I better study hard to make sure that I can finance my expenses next time. Again, remember to put me in your prayers. Thanks!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Cannot Let Go - Sammi Cheng

放不低 - 鄭秀文





English Translation

It's you who have purposely decieved
It's all my fault for being to soft-hearted
You truth is equal to
Dreams and lies
But I can't help that you said it so naturally
Allowed me to feel warm after listening
All the sweet talk ended up as lies

It's you who have changed
Don't say that the world has changed
Your explanations have become messy
There is too much confusion over the many details
Who is not interested in keeping this promise
But you have decieved me fully again
Spouting nonsense for half a day

Why can I never put this down
Why do I love this person wrongly
I hope to continue and never to bother about anything else
I am stubbornly mesmerised by you
Why can I never put this down
Allow love to control my body
No matter who is concerned
They can never take over you
(I know it is wrong But I am willing to let my heart go to waste)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who do you think he's thinking of?

Any idea whatsoever?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Online Gambling

Asians are particularly famous for gambling activities. Being an Asian myself, I'm not very fond of gambling but I cannot deny the fact that it's quite an interesting, challeging and exciting thing to do. I cannot go into any of the casinos any soon because I'm still under the age of 21. I can't wait for the opportunity to explore casinos and to feel how it's like to be in a casino. Just to feel, not to gamble! The gambling that I do is probably playing Blackjack with my friends and relatives during celebrations that deals with only little sum of money. Anyway, many may not know that we can actually gamble through the Internet and this is where online gambling is all about. Never knew that you can gamble through the Net? Actually, there are at least hundreds of thousands of gambling sites or online casinos on the Internet. With so many online casinos around, how do we know which one to go to and whether it's safe and reliable? With the help of online casino reviews, there's practically nothing to worry about now. has been reviewing online casinos for 10 years and you can bet that it's reliable. Whether it's Blackjack or Baccarat, is able to bring you to the online casinos that are the best for each gambling game. They even provide you with infomations like casinos with the best payouts, casinos with the best bonusses, casinos with the highest Jackpots and online gambling tips. There's even a guide for the beginners! With the help of, you can now gamble online without much worries. Pay them a visit if you like but gamble at your own risk alright!

Show Mi Shanghai Outfits

From,, or

Towards the end, she said she's out of outfits and she came out with this. Sexy!

She can be cool.

She can be cute.

She can be sexy!

She can be sporty.

She can be cloaky.

She can be formal.

She can be hot!

I have to say that her outfits for Show Mi Shanghai's fantastic!

Monday, October 22, 2007


You know what, I've never been on holidays that much compared to my friends. Some of them have gone to Italy, Paris, Japan, Australia and so on. As for me, the furthest I went was China and that was many years ago. I always thought that if I have the money, I'll fly over to Hong Kong to watch Sammi Cheng live in the Hong Kong Coliseum. Apart from going to Hong Kong, another place I would like to visit is India. I have a very good Indian friend and he always goes back to India to visit his family and relatives and he often tells me stories about India. And I am always left to wonder about how holidays in India would be like. If I have the money I don't have to worry about everything else because there are so many flights to India! This is particularly true with DialAFlight making arranging flights and holidays in India so convenient! If you are on a budget, DialAFlight also offers cheap flights. There are even flights in many parts of India, including Delhi flights, Goa flights, Bombay flights and so on. Now with DialAFlight, I think my dream of going on a holiday to India is going to come true after all. If you are interested to go on a holiday in India too, get your flights to India now!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Seafood Buffet?

I didn't take that photo. I just got it somewhere using image search. But I did went to Park Royal yesterday night with a bunch of friends for the seafood buffet. People that were there include me of course, Terence, Alexandra, Nicole, Yu An and Fish. Frankly speaking, I'm not so much of a buffet person because it's expensive and you've got to eat until you cannot eat anymore to make the money you pay worth it. And honestly, I have not been eating so full for like so long until yesterday. I was dead full! The buffet was quite good. They have lobsters, prawns, salmons, cod fish, oysters, mussels and so on. I have got to say that it was quite enjoyable to eat with friends like that. We ate for like 3 hours before we left for some walk around Batu Ferringhi. I didn't know why but I was kinda disturbed then. Yes, disturbed. I don't know why I was feeling disturbed. I have always been feeling disturbed these few days eh? Anyway, it will be a very long time before another buffet comes to my way. And much to my dismay, the buffet made me one kg heavier which is less than expected but I think my stamina kind of dropped alot judging the way I did BodyJam this morning. What is done is done I guess, at least I enjoyed myself. Now, I'm finding ways to get into shape!

Do you have a garage?

Do you have a garage at home? I believe that majority of the people living in the Eastern countries do not have the luxury of owning a garage but it is certain that most homes in the Western countries do have a garage! People put lots of things in their garage ranging from working tools, garden equipment and of course cars! Personally, I'm somebody who likes things being neat and tidy. I guess a garage wouldn't look too good or impressive if there are utensils and equipments everywhere right? If you happen to face this problem, you will probably need garage cabinets set things right! You can put all the things you like in the cabinets and it will make your garage clean and tidy. And, I never really knew that the garage cabinets can come in so many shapes and sizes. There are like so many choices you will probably have a hard time choosing one between a range of choices like diamond plate garage cabinets, metal garage cabinets, aluminium garage cabinets and so on. Besides cabinets, there are things like workbenches, toolboxes, and cool floorings too.

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Friday, October 19, 2007


A bunch of us were in Redbox the other day. I think it's like weeks ago? I went there cause they're a bunch of old schoolmates I haven't been meeting for quite some time. A bunch of very good friends. People that were present include Jason, specially from Singapore, very good friend of mine, Poh Aun, Andrew, Guo Qiang and not to forget Wei Min. The singing and karaoke sessions were alright. I sang a couple of Sammi's songs as usual but I was kinda dissapointed by the fact that Redbox puts up songlists with titles like "this song" Show Mi 07. It induced me to think that they've updated their system with the latest Show Mi concert but much to my dissapointment, it merely directs you to the music videos or the older concerts of the particular song that Sammi might have sang in Show Mi. I'm wondering now about when I'm going to meet that bunch of friends again? Especially when everybody's so busy with their lives.

Jason and I.

Andrew, Jason, Guo Qiang, Me.

Me, Poh Aun, Jason, and Guo Qiang lying down.

Alan and his very good friend Poh Aun.

He's 18 and I'm 17.

The three musketeers.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm so not myself?

You know what? I just feel like I'm not myself sometimes. Sounds familiar to another emo post? Before I continue, I want to say that I'm not emotional, not depressed whatsoever okie? It's just that I feel I'm acting the way I shouldn't or being the way I shouldn't be and stuff? I really can't find a word to describe how I feel now. It's not that I'm unhappy, sad, depressed, stressed, and etc. I'm actually quite positive, not that stressed out despite the fact that I have to sit for another exam paper in like 10 hours time. I have to study after I write this. So appreciate this post! Haha. So, I've not been myself and I feel not like myself. It's also like I'm disturbed or irritated over certain matters when I shouldn't be? Okie, I think I've found the words! Slightly disturbed, slightly irritated, slightly annoyed and slightly dissapointed over certain minor matters that I shouldn't be. Really, I don't know what's wrong. Better stop thinking so much and concentrate on my studies first. Put me in your prayers until 22nd of November! I will remind you guys very often to do it! Haha. Best of luck to all my friends taking the A Level examination too! I'll be writing again tomorrow I think. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've never tried to buy or sell anything online. Well, it's not that I can't trust transactions over the Internet but more to the fact that I know very little about how it operates and I don't even have a credit card or debit card. I should get a debit card myself and get involved in this because it's so convenient and I can get all those "money-can't-find" Sammi Cheng collectibles through the Internet. Guess what? E-commerce happens to be a small topic that I have to study for my A Level Business Studies. I personally think that e-commerce will be the way businesses are done in the near future. Distributing, buying, selling, marketing and servicing products or services over the Internet is probably the most common way to do businesses in time to come. So, businesses that want to remain competitive better start exploring the world of ecommerce.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I believe in Him!

Something happened in the gym just now. I was so careless that I dropped my beloved creative mp3 on the floor. I was like rushing here and there and all of a sudden the thing just fell on the floor. I quickly check to see if the thing is still in good condition. Thank God it is but there's this small crack on the top right hand corner. Now, my beloved mp3 is no longer as handsome as before. Definitely not going to abandon it because of that small crack but I feel kinda sad and irritated. It's like I've been taking very good care of it and I never ever dropped it from day 1 I had it. Somehow I dropped it twice this year(I got the Creative Zen MicroPhoto last year). And today being the second time and it cracked! Being a person that is quite close to being a perfectionist, I don't feel good at all from the incident. Infact, I was really irritated throughout my whole gym workout today. Anyway, what is done is done. I'm pretty sure that He's teaching me how to be careful, that I must take care of things and that I must appreciate things that I have. It's finally the examination day tomorrow. I've got to say that I have been most relaxed and rather stress-free for this examination. I guess I've done my part of studying. Not perfect but I did a fairly good job I guess. I believe that He will guide me through all the papers like He always do for all of my examinations. I believe that He will bless me to answer the questions fairly well. I believe that He's with me, by my side in the examination. Now people, wish me lots and lots of lucks and put me in your prayers okie? I can't wait for the end of the examination! Anyway, things have been happening these few days or should I say weeks but I won't be blogging or saying anything about it. I guess I just can't do anything else except to talk to Him and stuff. I guess great plans are coming my way! Goodbye for now!

Examination Starts Tomorrow!

I can officially say that my examinations will start tomorrow because it's after 12 a.m now, in fact it's going to be 1 a.m very soon! I am still studying btw, burning some midnight oil eh? I happen to be here because Atria kinda disturbed my studying telling me in msn about how she's in love with some korean actor. So, I just thought I will write something here fast! Because I still have to continue studying. Btw, Atria if you happen to read this, that korean guy is so not good looking! Haha. Anyway, nothing much to talk about actually and I'm actually not very happy at this very moment because God knows why. Yes. Because God knows why. Haha. Definitely not because of examinations though. Wish me luck people, or put me in your prayers okie! For now, I'm going off to study again! I think I might still be blogging in the midst of examinations though. I think I might!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wonder Woman

Sammi Cheng (My Wonder Woman)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Singapore Management University (SMU)

I just attended a talk by representatives from the Singapore Management University (SMU) in college. They came all the way from Singapore to promote their university to roughly around 10 people? I've got to say that they kinda create a stir within myself because at one moment in time I really wanted to study in Singapore, either in National University of Singapore (NUS) or the Singapore Management University (SMU) itself. I've kinda given up that dream because of constraints? Three constraints to be exact. The brain constraint, the financial constraint and the laziness constraint. But after the talk by the representatives, I kinda have the feeling of wanting to study there again. Haiz. Why did I even bother attending that talk. Haha. You actually need AAA, AAB or at least a ABB with good SAT scores to apply. Yikes, with a few days left is it even possible for me to get that many A's? Even if I'm smart enough, I will have to compete with many smart people there. Is it going to be worth it? Even if I'm smart enough and are willing to work hard there are still financial problems to ponder on as I dare not even ask my parents if they can afford it knowing that it's impossible for them to be able to do it. For one, it's hard to get the scholarship. I've got to admit that the financial loan is quite attractive but I've got to put myself into debts before I even start working. What the hell am I thinking when I don't even know exactly which degree I'm going to do. After all, doing law in Singapore is different. 4 years of studying, and I don't even know whether the law degree recognised in Malaysia and after 3 years of working in Singapore, if I happen to want to come back to Malaysia, do I still have to do the CLP examination? If not law, accountancy? It's far more complicated that law degrees work as I don't know much about it. Heck, if I'm going to get an AAAa for this round of examination, I my as well apply to the National University of Singapore (NUS)! For now, I can ask myself to dream on!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I've actually been blogging for quite some time already. Time really flies. I started blogging roughly two years ago writing about my life, like some sort of a diary. As you can see, my blog posts are about the vicissitudes of my life, my thoughts and opinions on certain matters and recently updates about my idol, Sammi Cheng. It's really quite fun to write posts and let people read and they comment in return. Keeping this blog of mine and reading friend's and people's blogs is one of my ways to update myself about what's happening around my circle of friends, people and the world too.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Show Mi

Show Mi more dreams.

Show Mi more fantasy.

Show Mi more passion.

Show Mi more colour.

Show Mi more beauty.

Show Mi more attitude.

Show Mi more curiosity.

Show Mi more believe.

Show Mi.

Show Mi more trust.

Show Mi more hope.

Show Mi more faith.

Show Mi more love.

Love love love.

Show Mi.

Love love love.

Show Mi.

Love love love.

Show Mi.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sammi Cheng & Hins Cheung

That's how my view of the stage got blocked at times during the concert. Great fans!

They kinda look good together right?

This must be the part which he tells the audience how he grew up with Sammi's songs which I think is a pretty lame to say during the concert.

What a gentleman.

The part where he sings his own love ballads.

What I think about Hins Cheung?

1) Sammi Cheng is definitely better than him. That's obvious.

His voice is quite powerful. But I don't quite like the way he reach his high notes when he sings.

3) His newer songs are not as good compared to his slightly older songs.

4) I wonder if he really admired Sammi when he's small or he just sucked up to her because he's invited to be the guest star of the concert.

5) I have got to admit that he's quite good looking and cute in a way and he's got fans giving him flowers for both nights of the concert!

6) In overall, he's a quite good new age cantopop singer.